Cheryl Okimoto
3720 E Highway 32
Salem Missouri (MO) 65560 (This is not a link because those nasty spammers look for "mailto" links and send junk mail. You can highlight and copy my email address and paste it in a message. As soon as I figure out how to do a reply form, I'll post it.)


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If you're on Oahu, you can get all of my books at Logos Bookstore, 760 Halekauwila Street, Honolulu.

Wherever you are you can also email me to get books. I ship for a flat rate of $20/softcover book, $35/hardcover or you can follow the link below to order directly from my publisher.


My New Blog

My Old Blog - technological difficulties on my part caused me to no longer be able to write on my old blog, but it's still there.