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Okay, maybe I'm stretching things a little, giving myself the designation of "screenwriter," but it's technically true. I've now written three scripts for videos for my church. As I write this, I've finished three videos for my church, (and I'm starting on a fourth!). The first was done for this past Fathers' Day, the second debuted on 23 September during our regular morning service, and the third one, an illustration of Romans 8:28, officially debuted on 28 October. You can find links to the videos on my new Videos page.

Explore this website to find out more about me and about my books - stories about faith and family primarily centered around the Shepherd Ohana. Yes, they live in Honolulu, as I did from May 2002 to November 2011. In the first few books (and, of course, in the Hilo Suspense series) there are scenes in beautiful places in Hawaii, a bit of local flavor and a touch of Hawaiian pidgin. The books have been well received, by both kamaaina and malihini.

In the fourth book of the Shepherd series, Always a Sunrise, the primary location shifts from Hawaii to Missouri, with Oklahoma the primary setting for the second book of The Ohana Project, Living Stones, and then back to Missouri for the third Ohana Project book, A Piece of Dust. Other books in progress are set in other states, but The Ohana Project is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, so almost every book has at least some scenes in Missouri. And since the primary family is from Hawaii, that island paradise keeps popping up too.

I have now published five books in The Ohana Project, and I've written six more, with a good start on what will probably be the last two (if a series can only have 13 books!), and I've started the third book in Hilo Suspense. I also have a youth series in the works - New America, and a couple of non-fiction books. If you like what you've already read, please pass the word. The more people I have reading my books, the sooner I'll be able to publish the rest.

If you like to read and you're even remotely interested in God and godly living, then I think we have a beautiful friendship ahead of us! I love to write, and I especially love to write about people who want a closer walk with God. My main characters don't always start out very well, and they don't always finish strong, but they do learn something in the journey. They're kind of like me!

In my books, you'll find a lot of discussions about God and the Bible. Of course I hope you agree with the conclusions I come to (and that we're both right) but if you don't agree with me, that's okay too. There are a lot of things in the Bible that are rather ambiguous, things about which theologians have been arguing for centuries. (See A Gilded Sky, pages 173 for one of them – soteriology, the study of the mechanics of salvation.) I hope that when you do disagree with me, you do it because you’ve thought about it for yourself and searched the scriptures for the truth, not just accepted it because you were taught it in church. (Here’s a deep, dark church secret – preachers and teachers are sometimes wrong!) When you do have a question, please don’t hesitate to email me at

The play that I wrote was By Any Other Name. It is "historical" because it's based on some well-known facts about the naming of Owensville, Missouri, but it's mostly just a good yarn! It's also my eleventh book, a novella based on the play.

In this website, you can find out about my books, especially the characters. I hate "spoilers" so I'll try to make sure I include warnings where information is potentially a spoiler.

Please bear with me as I work on the technological aspects of this site. I'm a writer, not a web designer. As you will see when you navigate through the site, I know enough to be dangerous. I can't figure out the deeper mysteries of template layouts, so some of my objects tend to wander around on the page. I'll get it worked out eventually! In the meantime, enjoy my forte - writing.


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If you're on Oahu, you can get my books at Logos Bookstore, 760 Halekauwila Street, Honolulu.

Wherever you are you can also email me to get books. I ship (book rate) at $20/softcover book, $35/hardcover or you can follow the link below to order directly from my publisher.


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