Hilo Suspense - a parallel series.

Book 1: Shadows in Light - published July 2011

Caitlyn Kurokawa refuses to call the police when she begins to suspect she has a stalker. Instead she trusts her brother and two friends from church to help her find the stalker and stop him. Because she holds onto baggage from the past, she puts herself and others in danger because of her disregard for her own safety.

First three chapters


Book 2: Flames of Hope - published October 2011

Warning! Spoiler in below description.

Brian and Cait Trask run into some difficulties on their way home from Georgia. It doesn't seem fair after all they've already been through, but in the end, they see God glorified in amazing ways.



The Shepherd Series The Ohana Project

Here's a timeline, but be warned, it includes details from all five of the Shepherd Series books and The Ohana Project and Hilo Suspense Series books already published. If you haven't read them all, you might find a spoiler or twenty!


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