The Shepherd Series:

The series starts in Hawaii when Steve Jeremiah meets Heather Shepherd and her family.

The setting:

Most of the first two books take place in Hawaii. Because most of the characters are locals, there is quite a bit of Hawaii culture in the books. Each book has a glossary to help those who might not understand some of that culture. I've included the glossary here on the website. On my Facebook page, I've also posted pictures of where some of the scenes take place.

The action splits between Hawaii and the Mainland, specifically Chicago, Illinois, and Eastern Missouri, in the third and fourth books. Almost the entire fifth book is set in the St. Louis area.

Warning! There may be some mild spoilers in the book descriptions.

Book 1: Seasons of Change - Now also available in Hardcover, eBook and Large Print (go to my storefront via link to left).

The Shepherd story begins with Steve and Heather, two people who come together with very little in common other than their love for the Lord. Their love for each other grows but is love enough to get them through the trials of life that will change them.

First three chapters

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Book 2: A Gilded Sky - published May 2010; Now also available in Hardcover, eBook and Large Print (go to my storefront via link to left).

The Shepherd saga continues with Greg's story. Like so many of us, Greg has secrets and insecurities that prevent him from reaching his full potential. Journey with him as God pushes him to face his issues and grow his character.

First three chapters


Book 3: After the Storm- published August 2010

In the third installment of the Shepherd Series, Pete Kalaau begins to court Jenni Jeremiah, but she has many concerns about her past while Pete keeps some of his past a secret. Only God can bring them back together after Pete's secrets are revealed.

First three chapters


Book 4: Always a Sunrise - published November 2010

Rejoin the Shepherd ohana as they anticipate Gloria Shepherd making Colonel Joshua Wolfe an offical member the family. But before that can happen, the Colonel has some unfinished business to take care of, and God has some character-building in store for the whole family.

First three chapters



Book 5: The Blessed Winter - published February 2011

The Shepherd Series concludes with the family returning to their lives after the traumatic events at Thanksgiving time, all except Greg who must remain in Missouri. Greg's friendship with Abe Lawrence blossoms as the other man finds a new life of his own.

First three chapters


I have started publishing the follow-on series.

Here's a timeline, but be warned, it includes details from all five of the Shepherd Series books and The Ohana Project and Hilo Suspense Series books already published. If you haven't read them all, you might find a spoiler or twenty!

The Ohana Project Hilo Suspense



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