To help you keep track of all the comings and goings, I've created a timeline for you. Since I've never identified the specific years these events occur, I am basing the time line on James Shepherd's year of birth since, even though he dies before the action begins, he's the one who really started it all.

This timeline contains events connected with my other series too. They are all grounded in the same "reality" that I created for The Shepherd Series. Be careful reading the timeline. If you haven't read all my published books, you may find some spoilers!


Significant events
James Connor Shepherd born in Normal, Illinois
Kalea Nakanishi born in Hilo, Hawaii
Sam Wolfe born
Joshua Wolfe born in Odessa, Texas
Andy Wolfe born January 1
Gloria Minatoya born in Honolulu, Hawaii
Joshua Wolfe's parents die; Brian Trask born in November.
James Shepherd marries Kalea Nakanishi
James Lucas Shepherd born in Normal, Illinois; Nalani Kawada born in Honolulu, Hawaii; Jennifer Eryn Jeremiah born in Springfield, Missouri
James, Kalea and Luke Shepherd move to Africa as missionaries
Steven Kendrick Jeremiah born in Stillwater, Oklahoma; Peter Ikaika Kalaau born in Honolulu, Hawaii; Abraham Lawrence born in Columbia, Missouri
Heather Nohealani Shepherd born in Africa; David Alan Jeremiah born in Stillwater, Oklahoma; Shelly Mitchell & Caitlyn Kurokawa born in March, Ted Bryant in July, Deidra Collins in August; Wilson Jeremiah murdered, David taken from family.
Valentine Gregory Shepherd born in Africa; Joshua Wolfe marries Patricia Jefferson in Chicago, Illinois
Kendal and Stormy Wolfe born
Beth Jasmine Harrison born in Millvale, Missouri; Brandon and Jared Wolfe born
Madison, Rachel and Lorna Wolfe born
James Shepherd moves his family to Hawaii
Kalea Shepherd dies
James Shepherd marries Gloria Minatoya; Harlan and Laura McGarry, David's foster parents, both die
James Shepherd becomes prison chaplain; Timothy Hiroshi Shepherd born in Honolulu, Hawaii; Jenni Jeremiah runs away from home; Jeffrey Wilson dies
Robert Connor Shepherd born in Honolulu, Hawaii
Eryn Jeremiah dies
Luke Shepherd marries Nalani Kawada; Steve Jeremiah starts playing college football in Oklahoma
Heather Shepherd enlists in the US Army; Pete Kalaau starts playing college football in Hawaii
Lincoln Carter born
Karasi Jeremiah & Matthew Shepherd born; Greg Shepherd starts community college
James Shepherd diagnosed with cancer; Steve Jeremiah drafted by Grizzlies; Beth Harrison enlists in the US Army
Patricia Wolfe dies; Brandon Wolfe enlists in the US Marines; Pete Kalaau drafted by Grizzlies
James Shepherd cancer in remission; Rachel Wolfe leaves home; Jeremy Shepherd born
Heather Shepherd and Beth Harrison deployed to Iraq; Anastacia Jeremiah born; Alyssa Carter born
James Shepherd cancer returns; Heather Shepherd wounded in desert war; Beth Harrison raped
Daniel Harrison born
James Shepherd dies; Greg Shepherd starts bible college
Seasons of Change begins in late February
February: Steve meets Heather
August: Naomi Shepherd born
October: Heather shot at Tim & Robert's school.
February: Grizzlies win Championship Game; Steve proposes to Heather; A Gilded Sky begins early February
March: Steve Jeremiah marries Heather Shepherd; Beth goes home during spring break; Greg has motorcycle accident; Greg proposes to Beth; After the Storm begins late March
April: Pete, Jenni and her daughters go to Honolulu for Steve's birthday; Greg preaches for the first time
May: Greg & Beth got to Missouri when the Colonel takes Steve & Heather to Chicago; Ted Bryant's fire
June: Greg & Beth's wedding; Pete & Jenni engaged on Father's Day. Always a Sunrise begins late June
  October: Ted runs away to Owensville.
November: Heather meets Brandon; Greg's ordeal in St. Louis; Kara diagnosed with cancer. The Blessed Winter begins late November.
December: Greg goes to court for his local charges; Rachel & Brandon decide to move to St. Louis; Greg finds David McGarry (Jeremiah); the Shepherd-Wolfe Ohana gather in St. Louis for Christmas; Sam and Andy Wolfe and their families visit St. Louis for Joshua & Gloria's wedding; Greg begins to preach in the St. Louis area; the family find Halelolo and Gumbwats' Haven.
January: The family disperses, except Rachel and Brandon; the foiled bank robbery.
February: Rachel meets Ms. Mimsie, begins work for Fiona Halloway; Greg televised at revival
March: Rachel attacked.
April: A Cord of Three begins. Attack on Fiona Halloway in her home; Wesley Halloway dies. Thomas Eliezer Shepherd born to Luke and Nalani on the 23rd.

May: Bonfires at Grandpa Anderson's farm in Bay and Grandpa Pierce's farm in Branson; Greg preaches in Owensville, meets Ted Bryant; dog fight; Ted calls Dave, goes home to visit.

June: Tim's graduation; Ted breaks his foot; James and Hosea Shepherd born on Father's Day; Greg's federal trial.
July: Shadows in Light takes place in Hilo; Living Stones and Flames of Hope begin. The Bryants and the Shepherd-Wolfe-Jeremiah Ohana celebrate the Fourth of July at the Anderson farm in Bay, Missouri; Cait discovers Phil is her half-brother; Brian and Cait marry in Georgia; hostage situation in the Atlanta airport; the Gasconade County fair; Piece of Dust begins.
August: Dave adopted by Joshua and Gloria; Dei reports for duty at sector St. Louis.
September: Rachel & Abe's wedding; Stormy moves to Oklahoma to work at White Stone.
October: Ted & Shelly's wedding; Stormy's debut as program director for White Stone's services.
November: Charles' surprise 40th birthday party; Stormy fired by church board.
December: Christmas pageant.

January: Stormy hospitalized for the flu; Christmas Baldwin steals Stormy's letter to Charles

February: Stormy released from hospital; Charles finally gets letter
March: Charles takes Stormy's motorcycle to St. Louis
April: Nathaniel Ralph Shepherd born
May: Charles & Stormy married
June: Robert graduates high school; Heather separates from Steve; Dei overhears Dave telling Calvin Bryant that Heather wants to divorce Steve; Dei inadvertently tells family about Steve & Heather's marriage problems.
July: Heather finds out she's pregnant
August: Ethan Allen Lawrence born
October: David Michael Bryant born; earthquakes begin; Connor Steven Jeremiah born
November: Greg speaks at Thanksgiving event
December: Dei trapped when building collapses during an earthquake; Dei and Dave married; Dei's foot amputated

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