The Ohana Project Series - Follow on series to The Shepherd Series.

In A Gilded Sky, Greg Shepherd births the idea for a ministry for orphaned adults, The Ohana Project. The entire family gets on board and the ministry becomes a reality. It grows beyond what Greg had envisioned it to be.

In The Ohana Project Series, you'll see many old friends and meet new ones.

Warning! There may be some mild spoilers in the book descriptions.

Book 1: A Cord of Three - published May 2011

Ted Bryant has fled his home in Newton County for Owensville, Missouri. He's trying to run away from God and his family. It works for a season, but spring brings his do-gooder neighbor and her children to his front door. They help him find his way back to faith and family.

First three chapters


Book 2: Living Stones - published September 2011

Stormy Wolfe moves to Norman, Oklahoma, to put her music and theology degrees to work. Unfortunately, she runs into conflicts with Pastor Charles, the church board and most of the older members of the congregation. She has to learn to be wiser in fighting her battles and to not take all conflict as personal attacks.

First three chapters


Book 3: A Piece of Dust - published December 2011

Dave Jeremiah and Dei Collins don't hit it off very well when they first meet. Since their best friends are getting married, they need to try to make friends with each other. They both have a lot of issues to deal with before they can have a healthy relationship.


Book 4: Foolish Things - published November 2015

Can God build a marriage when the bride and groom don't even know each other, but both are committed to serving the Lord? Greg and Nalani independently raise that question, then Carl Rheese and Madison Wolfe volunteer for the experiment, and God is put to the test.


Book 5: Secret Righteousness - published July 2018

Brandon Wolfe tries to lose his animosity toward Cari O’Phelan, and discovers that he’s got a lot more bitterness buried in his heart than just toward her. That discovery sets him on a faith journey that changes both his and Cari’s lives, but also sends out ripples through his family and friends.


All the below books already have at least the basic plot. The Greatest of These is ready for editing, and On the Rooftops is well on its way to completion. I will continue to work on them and publish as soon as God makes it possible. (I am looking for reader-editors in Missouri. If you're interested, email me at
Book 6: The Greatest of These - availability target by December 2018
Book 7: On the Rooftops - availability target ??
Book 8: Garment of Praise - availability target ??

Book 9: Left at the Altar - availability target ??

Book 10: The Rooster Crows - availability target ??
Book 11: In Deed and Truth - availability target ??
Book 12: A Sincere Heart - availability target ??
Book 13: The Fourth Man - availability target ??
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