A Novel Approach to Discipleship - a study for those who need to be discipled or want to learn a new approach to discipleship. The study can be done with any fiction, but the one you will find here uses Seasons of Change to teach personal Bible study, one of the primary tools any Christian needs to have. (At the bottom of this page are links to get questions from my other books.)

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Warning: The assignments contain spoilers. If you haven't already read the book, you may not want to read the questions.

Seasons Chapter question handouts. There is only one question per chapter on each handout. That doesn't mean that's the only question in the chapter! In fact, the consolidated questions page has some extra questions. If you have suggestions for more questions from other scenes, please send them to me at (Yes there are holes in this list. I won't be posting handouts for all the chapters, but I will have questions for most of them on the consolidated questions page.)

A Novel Approach questions from the other books. The above are set up in a handout format for easy printing. These are not. All the questions from one book are on a single consolidated page, with the exception of A Cord of Three which has a second page with starting points for the questions that were published in the book. Feel free to make handouts like the above ones if you need them. (I haven't completed the questions for all the books. Please come back to find more questions. If you're looking for a specific book, you can email me at, and I'll let you know when I post those questions.)

The Ohana Project:

Hilo Suspense:

If you're having a hard time doing the questions in these books, I recommend you go back to Season of Change and work through all the posted lessons. They will help you work on your Bible study skills. You'll then find the questions for the later books much easier to research.

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